MTH 1120-03  Term II 2009-10


5-6:30 pm      Room E 239


PREREQUISITES: Level of competency equivalent to MTH 111.  No reviewing of this material will take place in this class.


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. M. S. Skaff                      Office: E204    Telephone: (313) 993-3376       



OFFICE HOURS:  11:00am- 11:50 am MWF or  any time the office door is open, or by appointment.


TEXT BOOK: Brief Calculus by Larson, 8th Edition, Houghton-Mifflin Publisher, 2009, ISBN: 0-618-95847-9   or  978-0-618-95847-4


COURSE  OBJECTIVES.  In Math 111, students developed the algebraic skills needed to analyze, graph, and understand the basic properties of a function. This course refines those skills by introducing calculus concepts.  These refinements include understanding and using limits, derivatives, and integrals. With these new techniques, the student can find maximum and minimum points, areas under curves, marginals (cost, revenue, and profit), average and instantaneous rates of change, consumer and producer surpluses,  point of diminishing returns, tangent lines to functions, and develop mathematical models of real business applications.


To illustrate the practical use of calculus, students will be asked to complete project assignments which involve analyzing data. This data represents information defined by some practical problem. One method which may be employed to study the behavior of the data is regression analysis.  Students will be shown how to set up the data and use regression tools if this method is needed.


COURSE OUTCOMES.  After taking this course, a student should be able to understand:

             1.  Limits of functions.

             2.  How limits are connected to continuity, derivatives, and integrals.

             3.  Derivatives.

             4.  Solving optimization problems including cost, revenue, and profit.

             5.  Points of diminishing returns.            

             6.  Differentials and Marginal Analysis.

             7.  Exponential growth and decay models.

             8.  Antiderivatives and indefinite integrals.

             9.  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and definite integrals.

            10.  Finding areas under curves and applications involving consumer and

                   producer surpluses.

            11.  Approximation of definite integrals as a limit of sums.




MTH 1120-03  Term II  2009-10       p. 2




EXAMINATIONS.  There will be three (3) closed book hour examinations and a final exam. These tests will be taken using BLUEBOOKS. These bluebooks (4 of them) can be purchased in the book store. Do so no later than Jan 20, 2010.  Put your name and MTH 112 on the cover. No books, computers, calculators or cell phones will be allowed on any examination. Students may bring a single 8.5x11 sheet of paper with notes for each exam. Exams will contain multiple choice questions.  All exams will be graded using a curve rather than straight scale.


SPECIAL EXAM RULES.  (1) Exams will start at the beginning of the designated class time. No additional time will be allowed especially if a student arrives late. Be on time. (2) Students are responsible for pencils or pens to take exams. None will be provided by the instructor. (3)  No test will be given to a student who has not turned in a bluebook. (4) Tests will begin only after all materials are removed from the desktop. Any loss of time (due to excess talking or delays in removing materials) will not be made up. (5)  One hour exam score or project score will be dropped from calculation of final grade but not the final exam score.  If any exam is missed or not submitted, that exam or project score is chosen as the “dropped” score. If more than two scores are missing, a grade of F will be given for the missing scores.  (6) NO MAKEUP EXAMS will be given.



Dates for all graded assignments are listed on the attached class schedule.  Homework dates are in RED, Project dates are in GREEN, and Exam dates are in Orange. 


EXAM DATES.  Please mark your calendars.

               Exam 1.  Monday       Feb 08, 2010

               Exam 2.  Wednesday  Mar 17, 2010

               Exam 3.  Wednesday  Apr 14, 2010

               Final Exam.   Monday  December 26, 2010  from 5-6:50pm



               Project 1.   Monday            Feb 01, 2010

               Project 2.   Monday            Mar 01, 2010

               Project 3.   Monday            Mar 29, 2010









MTH 1120-03  Term II  2009-10       p. 3



HOMEWORK DATES.   Sections for the homework (HW) assignments are in parentheses. All assignments due dates are tentative or estimates. Specific times will be given by the instructor.

              HW 1   (1.3-1.5)        01/20/10     HW2    (1.6, 2.1, 2.2)  01/27/10  

              HW 3   (2.3-2.5)        02/03/10     HW4    (2.6-2.7)         02/15/10       

              HW 5   (3.1-3.3)        02/22/10     HW6    (3.4,3.5,3.8)   03/03/10 

              HW 7   (4.3,4,5,4.6)   03/23/10    HW8    (5.1-5.3)          03/31/10     

              HW 9   (5.4-5.6)        04/07/10    HW10  (6.1,6.2, 6.4)   04/21/10



1)  Each day that an assignment is late will lose 25 points.

2)  Once an assignment is returned to the class with answers, no late assignment will be accepted.



GRADING.  The final grade for the course is determined by the following percentages:

               Hour exams:                                     40%

               Graded Homework:                          15%

               Projects:                                            15%

               Class attendance and participation:   5%

               Final Exam:                                      25%


Note: Class participation includes attendance, attention, no late arrivals or early departures, no miscellaneous talking not related to the class lecture, and general interest in the class. Use of cell phones during class lectures and exams

are prohibited.



 IMPORTANT FACTS.   Last day to drop class No W:  Jan 15, 2010

                                            No class Days: Jan 18, 2010, Mar 08-12, 2010

                                            Last day to withdraw with “W”: April 1, 2010


ACADEMIC INTEGRITY.  Everything submitted for grading is expected to be a student’s own work. Anything suspected as being otherwise the case will be dealt with according to University and College policies.









MTH 1120-03 Term II 2009-10       p. 4






CHAPTER MATERIAL.  The following sections will be covered (as time allows).


Chapter        Sections

     0             None.  Assumed as prerequisite Mth 111 material

     1              1.1 to 1.3  review , 1.4 to 1.6 start of course material

     2              2.1 to 2.7

     3              3.1 to 3.5, 3.8

     4              4.3, 4.5, 4.6   (4.1, 4.2, 4.4 Mth 111 material)

     5              5.1 to 5.6, Consumer/producer surpluses in 5.5, 5.6

     6              6.1, 6.2, 6.4